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Storefront Signs & Digital Signs in Rockford, IL

Our roots can be traced back to four generations of sign makers. In 1912 Otto Bietau started his business providing Signs of All Kinds to the growing population of Rockford, IL. In 1928, it had grown to a going concern that included his son Cliff and later another son Carl.
Along with the changing innovations of the twentieth century, Bietau signs evolved and grew into a major provider of business signs to meet the needs of customers. In 1959, Elmer Harder joined the business and began his apprenticeship under skilled fabricators and traditional sign lettering craftsmen. By 1967, Elmer ventured out on his own and quickly entered into an agreement to purchase the Bietau Sign Co.
By the early 80's, three of his children joined the business and have seen it evolve into the next century of technology and innovations that drive the industry today. From 1912 to 2016, first as Bietau Sign Co., then Harder Bietau Sign Co. and finally Harder Sign Co., we have provided Signs of All Kinds to meet the ever changing needs of the business world. We look forward to continuing this long tradition and helping you with your sign needs.
Harder Sign Co.
Harder Sign Co.